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Strong Room Vaults

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Strong rooms and vault doors are not an off the shelf purchase. They are customized to address your specific security concerns and we understand that it’s imperative to design high quality strong rooms and vault doors that protect what is important to you.

Integrating a combination of burglar-resistant features such Glass Relockers, 4-wheel keyless combination locks and reliable along with double control banking locks, our strong rooms and vault doors can be pre-fabricated or concrete.

Having installed strong rooms and vault doors for many banks in Pakistan, our products are well respected and customized to address your security issues.

Standard Features


  • Banks Vaults, Private Vaults, Hospitals, Post offices, Hotels, Clubs.

  • Height Adjustment Mechanism:

  • It comes fitted on the door and pivots for perfect alignment of door.It allows smooth effortless movement on pivots with arrangement.

  • Door Slab:

  • Fire insulation of Alum & Crystals filled 1.5 inch to 2 inches for fire resistance.

  • Locking Mechanism:

  • Two superior quality dual control, high precision 10-lever locks made of brass body as well as brass levers actuated by phosphor bronze..
  • One UL Listed 4-wheel Mechanical combination lock is provided with the door with nearly ten million combinations for setting and resetting.
  • A Unique Drill Defeat Shield is provided over locks and re ­lockers, to safeguard them from power-drills.
  • Other lock options include 4 - Wheel UL listed Mechanical Combination Lock, Electronic digital Combination Lock and Biometric Lock.

  • Shooting Bolt :

  • A 4-way shooting bolt mechanism [each of 50 mm (2") dia.] - 6 bolts each on the left and right, 2 bolts each on the top and bottom making a total of 16 bolts.

  • Balanced Pressure Bolt Work:

  • The locking mechanism has a balanced pressure bolt work which balances the handle operating force by converting it into an equal and balanced force on the lock bolt.

  • Grill Gate:

  • The grill gate is fitted with a high precision 8-lever dual control brass lock operable from both sides and consists of solid 1 inch bars in a 4mm thick steel frame.

  • Paint:

  • Anti-corrosion Treatment: All steel components are given anti corrosion treatment, followed by rust inhibiting paint.

  • Total Thickness :

  • The strong room Vault Security Doors have total slab thickness ranging from 6 Inches to 12 inches. Doors of higher thickness can also be made.

  • Total Size :

  • Overall size of strong room Door/Vault - main door ranges between 84” x 48” Inches.

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