Babar & Company is the largest stock holder and Supplier of Digital Safe in Pakistan. We have a vast variety of Digital Electronic Safes, Bio-Metric Fingerprint Safes & Fireproof Safes. !

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Digital Fireproof Safes

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Models and Dimensions:

1- High security, fire-resistant safes in a variety of sizes with several certificates1 hour or 2 hours fire protection certified by UL Class 350 1 hr, SP NT-Fire 60P, 120P, KS 1 hour.

2-Three-way main bolt work with independent relocking device.

3-Two to three stationary locking bolts on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges.

4-Lockable drawer + Adjustable shelf.

5-Wheels for easy moving (Removable wheels are optional.).

6-Pre-drilled anchor hole without wheels (Optional).


Ideal for home and business use, this fire-resistant safe has enough capacity to hold and protect all of your valuables and important documents from fire.

· Country of Origin: South Korea

· One security key lock and Electronic keypad (with LCD display)

· 4-way locking bolts

· The inner and outer body of the safe is constructed of tough steel shell and monolithic anti-fire

material in-between.

. This provides the assurance of excellent protection against fire and thefts.

· The door consists of Tongue and Groove closure design to prevent the penetration of fire and hot

gases while deep setting bolts secure firmly into the frame.

· Anti-burglar relocking devices activate when there is a forceful attempt on the combination lock.

· Two hours fire-tested @ 1010 ℃

· Fire-test Authority

. UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)

. SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)

. KS (Korean Standards Association)

. GOST (Russian Industrial Standard)

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